Q & A's

There is no harm in mixing the products, but to make the formulas work most effectively we suggest that if you want to mix them, to use the Vitamin C products on one day and the Peptide products the next day. Alternating days will help the formulas perform at maximum potential working synergistically.

Bocazia products are safe for all skin types, however, if you have known allergies, always do a skin patch test before using any products and be sure to check the complete ingredient list to make certain you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If you should have an adverse reaction after using a product, discontinue use and consult your physician.

It depends on the individual and the product being used. People usually benefit immediately from our products, but some may go through a short adjustment period as their skin adjusts to a new routine with new products.

Always make sure your hands are freshly washed before you start. It is essential to be very gentle on your face. Do not pull or tug or put hard pressure on your skin. Use a very light upward massaging motion to help the actives fully penetrate.

Yes, but always do a patch test before using products on small children. Any products with acids are recommended for those 13 years and older.

No, we do not test our products on animals and our entire line is 100% cruelty-free.

We recommend:
1) cleanser
2) serum
3) day or night hydrating cream

We ship within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska and U.S. territories including Guam and Puerto Rico.

Yes! We always include at least one free sample with every order.

Most of our products do not have an expiration date. All Bocazia products have a shelf life of three years (one year after opening).